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Technical and Further Education (TAFE) is the Australian Government-funded vocational and technical training sector, and provides a very strong practical focus. Many teachers are employed in the field they teach, bringing the latest professional and technical expertise to the classroom. Almost all TAFE institutes offer pathways to study at Australian universities.

The Technical and Further Education (TAFE) sector is the largest education and training provider in Australia. Offering an extensive range of programs across a broad subject range, their courses provide practical skills and training in a wide variety of career fields.

Information on TAFE – International students choose to study in Australia because:

  • We enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the world
  • Our education and training system is recognised internationally as one of the best
  • Australia is a safe place to live and study, with low crime rates – people can walk the streets in safety
  • We have one of the best environments in the world with clean air and water supplies – the major cities and centres are close to beaches, parks and wilderness areas
  • Students find local communities from their own country, usually with their own restaurants, food, magazines and newspapers

Our team advises international students who want to study in Australia at a TAFE Institute or TAFE English language centre.

TAFE institutes in Australia are government-owned and have a long history of helping international students reach their career goals. International students attend TAFE institutes to undertake courses that range from certificate to advanced diploma level.

Many enrol in pre-university courses to better their chances for successful entry into an undergraduate degree at university, or in a vocationally based course to improve their employment prospects on their return home.

English language training offered through TAFE provides the opportunity for students to improve their career prospects and also equips them for study at university. Full-time English language courses range in length from four to 48 weeks duration.

Some common reasons for international students choosing to enrol in TAFE are:

  • Students can gain qualifications that are recognised throughout Australia and overseas.
  • There is a wide variety of courses on offer.
  • Strong emphasis is placed on practical and professional learning.
  • There are different entry levels, with the opportunity to progress to higher levels.
  • Small class sizes allow for individual attention.
  • Strong links with industry associations mean that the skills taught are relevant to the major employment industries.

A Sure Way To A Successful Career – The types of qualifications that can be obtained through the TAFE system include the following:

  • Certificate I – IV: These courses are designed to provide introductory skills and training for a particular industry. They provide preparatory access, participation skills and knowledge such as literacy and numeracy, communication skills, working in teams, workplace technology, and industry specific competencies. Skills gained increase in complexity and personal accountability at each level of the certificate qualification. They vary in length from a few weeks to six or more months.
  • Diploma: A diploma course will generally require one to two years of full-time study and prepare students for industry, enterprise and para-professional careers.
  • Advanced diploma: An advanced diploma provides a high level of practical skills for employment in a specific career area, such as accounting, building design, and engineering. Considered higher than a diploma and a more specialised qualification, the courses vary in length from 18 to 24 months.
    Pathways to university

By liaising with Australian universities, TAFE provides students with a number of education pathways for articulation and credit transfer. For example, students who graduate with a diploma from a TAFE institute may receive up to 12 or 18 months (two or three semesters) of credit toward a related university degree. There is also the added benefit of graduating with two Australian academic awards at the end of your degree.

The exact amount of credit allowed towards a degree depends on the university, the degree course the student wishes to enrol in and the TAFE qualification completed. There may be significant variations from university to university on the amount of advanced standing that will be allowed. Consult the university international office, academic registrar or faculty dean to find out what credit can be obtained.

Pathways to the workforce

TAFE is increasingly being seen as a way to increase your prospects in the job market. Due to the practical nature of the TAFE system their qualifications can be a valuable complement to your degree and increase your career prospects.

Average tuition costs
A$5500 – A$18 000 per year*

Please note that course fees can vary widely depending on the course and location chosen and should always be sourced from the relevant TAFE institute.

General entry requirements

There are usually no entrance examinations to enter the TAFE system, but some courses will have prerequisite study levels and subjects or require demonstrated work experience. Students should also check with the individual college or institute for English language entry requirements. In addition, commencement dates can vary so it is important to contact each college or institute directly for further information.


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