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Study Abroad in Australia - the land "Down Under"

Australia is a perfect destination for Study Abroad. Experience the drama of the outback, the Great Barrier Reef, cosmopolitan cities like Sydney and Melbourne and beaches out of this world...

A semester or year spent studying abroad is a great way to help you develop an appreciation for other countries and cultures while better preparing you for the challenges and opportunities of our global society.

Your appreciation of another culture will come not only through classroom learning, but also through the experiential learning of living in a foreign culture.

We help you to find a sprecial prgram to achieve both your personal goals and professional goals as employers and graduate schools.Through your study abroad experience you will learn more about yourself and return home with a global perspective and a life changing experience.





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Study Abroad Australia Information

Would you like a change of scenery? The opportunity to travel to the other side of the world – Australia or New Zealand? The AA Education Network is an agency which will help you get there! How? They can find you a place at a University, TAFE, other place of study, or even an internship where you can start working in Australia straight away! The Australian Universities and overall education system is excellent, with countless  opportunities for careers. Australia’s education system is considered to be of a great standard in the world.

How to study abroad in Australia

While meritorious students get scholarships to fund their tuition cost, many others choose part-time training programs to earn incentives that help them to meet a part of their expenses in Australia. Some even find short-term job-ready courses affordable. In short, there are ways to tackle costs to study in the country.

Get Scholarships or Work Part-Time to Study in Australia: One of the Expensive yet First-Rate Destinations for Education

Australian universities are known worldwide for their teaching excellence. Vocational courses, college education, and internships programs also attract thousands of young students from all parts of the world, especially the Asia-Pacific region. However, meeting the expenses can be a little tough for many.
Surveys show that studying in Australia is quite expensive. An International student has to meet tuition and living costs in order to get world standard education. There are study tours, projects, and non-paid internships where students must have the financial support to avail them.
Here are some ways in which expenses can be tackled by students. Australia has scope that allows students to study diverse subjects. The choice of the institutes are also many. You can study long term semester-wise courses or short-term training courses in Australia and manage your finances accordingly.


Top universities offer scholarships for meritorious Post-Graduate students for specific courses and research work. Scholarships can be government sponsored or funded by companies. Special government sponsored funds are available to international students studying long-term courses that have 2-to- 4 semesters, such as Masters and teacher’s training program. There are scholarships awarded for short-term research work as well.

Student Exchange Programs

Many universities even partner with institutes in other countries and initiate student exchange programs. Each year students from foreign countries arrive in Australia as a part of the student exchange program. Technical training, English learning, and hands-on experience are part of the curriculum.

Short-Term Training Programs and Internships

Recently, quite a number of young professionals choose internship programs in Australia rather than going for long-term traditional courses. Vocational courses often end up in hands-on experience, such as those in culinary and hospitality sectors.
Short-training programs for English allow students to develop practical skills after which they can either study further or get jobs in the international market. Teacher training sessions are also similar to such practical programs.
These programs are not so expensive and students don’t require staying in Australia for long. Often, student exchange programs are not costly. The students need to pay tuition fees that they usually pay in their home country.
If you are looking forward to know more about such short-term practical programs or scholarships to study in Australia, write to our student counsellors.

Every international student who wants to study abroad in Australia is granted a student visa. These courses must be listed on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS courses).

Whether you want to study English abroad or take a Master Degree, you will certainly gain a student status in Australia.
International students granted a student visa abroad in Australia are eligible to work up to 20 hours per week during term time, and even full time during vacations.

Population of Australia

Population of Australia owing to its historical developments and governmental policies consists of people of different races, religion and countries. At first it was the land of the "Aboriginals" the original inhabitants of Australia.

The mingling...

Study Abroad Semester in Australia

Australia - a country with numerous facets
I already had the possibility to experience down under and the people living there during my study abroad semester this year.
The next paragraph is a broad overview about my impressions. Australia is famous...

Studying Abroad Australia

As an international student you need a sufficient level of English language proficiency and must meet minimum academic requirements to study in Australia.

Institutions will assess whether you meet the selection criteria for your proposed course of...

Summer Programs Australia

Summer Programs Australia
Young graduates from Asia Pacific and South East Asian countries arrive each year in Australia to participate in the summer camps. From hospitality to culinary and catering services, you can try your hands in many projects....

Work Abroad Australia

If you are looking for a job abroad then we may be able to help you. We offer some jobs and work experience in Australia - with some of the biggest and most respected international companies.

For an opportunity to live and work abroad, developing ...

Study Abroad Australia and other non-award study programs

We are seeing an interest from a number of students, seeking information on Study Abroad and associated programs.

Study abroad

This is a program where students who are enrolled in a bachelor degree at their home university can enrol for one semester in 3 or 4 bachelor subjects at the University of Wollongong. Students receive a transcript from the University of Wollongong for their studies here, and these are credited to studies at their home university.

Normally students would have finished at least one year of their bachelor degree, and must reach an equivalent English level of TOEFL 550 (PBT), 213 (CBT) or 79 (iBT) before they start the program.

Wollongong College Australia offers academic English courses which prepare students for this program, and provide an English for Tertiary Studies course which students can take without the need to take a further TOEFL test.

Study Tours for credit

Wollongong College Australia can offer customised study tour programs for groups of students from a college or university. This study tour can consist of English language training and/or academic components and/or leisure and challenge/social research activities. For all or some of the study tour components, the home university may choose to grant credit exemptions.


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