Student Visa FAQ

Student Visa FAQ

Can I work full-time?

  • Once you have commenced your study, and after you have been granted work permission, you may work full-time during vacations when your semester is not in session.
  • During session you may work up to 20 hours a week.
  • Family members of Masters and PhD students may apply for unresticted work rights once the primary student has commenced his or her Masters or PhD course. This also applies to AusAid dependants of Masters and PhD students.

When can I travel to Australia and do I need a return ticket?

  • Your student visa can be granted a maximum of 12 weeks (2 months and 3 weeks) before your course commencement date.
  • You may travel to Australia on a one-way ticket if you hold a student visa.

My course was completed on 30 November and my visa expires in March next year - what options do I have ?

  • Do I have to leave Australia within 28 days of my course completion? No. You may remain in Australia until your visa expires or is cancelled. If you plan to remain in Australia you must apply for another course, another visa, or depart Australia after your graduation.
  • I want to travel overseas. When should I make my further student visa application? You need to make your application for a further student visa before your current visa expires and ensure that you comply with all your visa conditions. As a valid student visa allows you multiple travel you can apply either before your departure or when you return to Australia. If your visa is expiring shortly, you may be asked by airport staff on your arrival to Australia to demonstrate your intention to continue studying in Australia. Your confirmation of enrolment or letter of offer or graduation from your education provider should be used to demonstrate this intention.
  • Can I return to Australia after visiting family members overseas and apply for graduate skilled permanent residence? Yes, but you must ensure that you comply with all your visa conditions. You should consider making an application for a Graduate Skilled (subclass 497) visa before you depart Australia, as this visa is most applicable to your situation.

I am resident outside my country of citizenship. Should I apply in my country of residence on in my country of citizenship?

  • You must apply at the office in your country of residence.

I cannot get an appointment to sit an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test, but my education provider is satisfied with my level of English. Can I get a visa?

  • No. Where an IELTS test is required (for Assessment Level 3-5 applicants), then you must sit the test before you make your visa application. This is a legislative requirement that cannot be waived.

My passport is expiring soon. How do I transfer my valid student visa to my new passport?

  • Your student visa is linked to your passport. When you get a new passport, you should visit your nearest immigration office, get your information updated and your visa re-evidenced in your new passport.
  • You may also travel to Australia using both passports: the new one which is valid and the old one with your student visa affixed in it, as your student visa is still valid whether the passport has expired or not.

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