Student Permit Australia – Assessment Levels

Student Permit Australia

Assessment levels for international students

  • visa sub-classes - This specifies the visa sub-class for your principal
  • course of study assessment levels - Each education sector in any particular country has five assessment levels
  • evidentiary standards - These visa requirements also include English language proficiency as stringently assessed from levels 1 to 5
  • electronic confirmation of enrolment (eCoE) - The only accepted evidence of enrolment when processing visa applications

International students are normally issued multiple travel visas which allow them to travel from and to Australia within the validity of their visa.

Family members and dependents will normally be considered in the same visa class as the applicant.

For extending the period of stay, a further visa application is required.

For the latest information about student visas, please visit the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA) web site.

More about the Assesment Levels and the Student Visa Program

There where more then 278,000 student visas granted, this shows more than 21% growth in the program within a year.

Assesment Levels (ALS) help the department with their role of  considering each student visa application. It also allows for a faster service for their clients.

In the period student visas were granted from over 190 countries around the world. Because of the differences in all  these countries the Assesment Levels are based on immigration risk. This helps to deliver consistancy and to ensure all visa  requirments are met across the huge range of clients.

As mentioned before these Assesment Levels are based on a risk scale the lowest risk factors are the one's that fit all the visa  requirements and show low immigration risk with the country they are coming from and the education sector they are entering into.

There are five Assesment Levels with Level five showing the higher risk candidates. With a higher risk level the applicant will need to show greater evidence to support their claims for a student visa.

All countries are assigned an Assessment Level this is calculated on the immigration risk students pose studying in that education sector.

To determine the Assesment Level of these countries the Department will look into the groups compliance with visa conditions aswell as  indicators on their immigration risk from previous years.

If the statistics found there is a higher immigration risk from previous years the groups Assesment Levels will raise, this means that  a student wishing to enter Australia coming from a high risk country will need to provide a greater amount of evidence to support their claims of wanting to study in Australia.

If a group has demonstrated that they have abided by their visa  conditions their groups Assesment Level will lower. This helps to streamline the application process.

The Department conducts regular risk assesments of the entire student visa caseload to ensure everything involved with the  application process is in order.

Your passport aswell as the education sector you are about to enter into will determine your Assesment Level.

You can check Form 1219i to see a list of the current Assesment Levels for all passports and education sectors. Your Assesment Level dates will be the same as the date you lodged your passport and visa application with the Department.

This information is provided in 1219i Overseas Student Program - Assesment Levels (58KB PDF file)

If you find your passport is not listed on the form then you will be granted with Assesment Level 3, however if you are sponsored  by AusAID or Defence and have applied for subclass 576 - AusAID/Defence student visa, then you will have been given Assesment Level 2.

If you have family members moving to Australia also they will be under the same Assesment Levels as you, regardless of their passport type.


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