Australian Education System

Australian Education System

Advantages of the Education System in Australia

Each year, Australia welcomes an increasing number of international students to its universities, institutes, colleges and schools. Australia offers international students a unique education.

Australia has a well-developed education system with very high rates of high school and secondary completion. More and more Australian students complete years 11 and 12 of secondary school.

Australian governments at all levels continually review and reform education and training to address the issues that arise from social and economic change. In many cases, Australian models attract international attention and Australia is involved in cooperating with the development of educational programs in a number of overseas countries.

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Australia's Education System - Dynamic, Innovative & Progressive

The Australian education system is all about innovation. It's all about making the next step to a brighter future. It's all about preparing students to become global citizens. The education system is designed to tap your full potential and is therefore flexible in terms of course delivery and content.
The Australian education system delivers a range of courses and offers various qualifications under the quality assusrance guidelines endorsed by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). This framework and its guidelines have been established by the Australian government so that courses offered are nationally accredited and highly regarded internationally. It's all part of the quality control mechanism set up by the Federal government for the general welfare of the education sector.
The framework of the AQF allows for flexibility and choice between the different stages of learning. It is also designed to inspire in students a passion for lifelong learning, which is also one of the Federal government's key priorities.
This concern with quality stems from the federal government's priority which is education as an agent for change and progress. Subsequent Australian governments have made education a national priority. Education is viewed as the key to Australia's prosperity and a well-established education system also stands to benefit internationally.
The AQF includes the secondary, tertiary & vocational education sectors and comprises of thirteen different national qualifications. For the secondary sector there is the senior secondary certificate of education. The AQF comprises of tertiary qualifications including Diploma, Associate Diploma & Degree, Bachelors degrees, Graduate Certificates & Diplomas, Masters & Doctorate degrees. The vocational education sector covers qualifications including Certificate I to IV, Diplomas & advanced Diplomas and Vocational Graduate Certificates & Diplomas.

How Australian Education is segmented

From the childhood to adulthood

Like the British system of education, in Australia there are two stages of childhood and adolescent education followed by several options for further study in adulthood.

Education in Australia is broken down into three main sections:

  • Childhood, primary school
  • Childhood/adolescence, secondary school
  • Adulthood, multiple options

International students can choose from a range of different course options from different education sectors and at different levels. To choose a program that is best for you, it is first necessary to understand the different types of education available in Australia.


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